Soil moisture



We measure the soil moisture at two different sites in Limpopo: Mokwakwaila (near the Lethaba river) and Lambani (near the Luvuvhu river). The field measurements are used to support the modeled results with "live" data from the ground. Currently, we have a pilot study to track the values and thus calibrate the instruments accordingly.

An automatic rain gauge is also installed at each site to correlate the soil moisture with the amount of rain.

At one of the sites, we also measure the soil temperature.

The soil moisture is measured for different volumes and depths. The deepest sensor is at some 80 cm depth and the most shallow around 10-15 cm depth.


Within the project, we are mainly interested in differences in soil moisture rather than absolute values. In the pilot studies, we want to see how the data from soil moisture can be used and how the local community can be encouraged to take care and guard over the rather precious sensors installed in the region. If this turns out to be successful and the sensors are left alone, we have the ambition to install more sensors, cheaper such, as a continuation of the project for early warning systems (EWS).

Eventually, a single sensor can be implemented comparatively cheap and thus be installed at many locations to give a larger set of data in which we can extrapolate the trends.

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